Get the latest firmware here.

Get the latest official firmware here and upgrade your mods for the better and faster performance.



Firmware GTS 2.16


Rev Sport

Firmware Sport 2.16


Rev Nitro

Firmware Nitro 2.16

What's New in Version 2.16

‧ New DASHBOARDS added in Firmware v2.16!
‧ Extended Preheat function! Now you can choose preheat range from 20w to 100w!
‧ More stable and faster!
‧ Important notice: Firmware v2.16 is not compatible with China version mod.


1. Download the upgrade and media files from

2. Power on the device and connect it to computer / laptop with the usb cable provided.

3. Delete all the files on the mod's removable disk recognized by computer.

4. Copy the new downloaded files : media and upgrade into the device.

( If you get a message saying the memory is insufficient, you need to check the trash and make sure the file that was previously on the device is deleted. )

5. Unplug the usb cable once copy is complete.

( *Except for the Rev Sport, do not unplug the usb cable from device before all the upgrade process is complete )

6. Hold the menu button down for two seconds to enter the menu and select factory reset.

(Please note the screen may appear distorted, this is normal )

7. Click yes to reset the device, this will enable the upgrade. Please do not power off before upgrade complete

8. Once the update is complete click the fire button 5 times to turn on the mod and then enter the menu again and reset the mod to load the new settings.

9. Go back to factory reset and check the version number, if version number is not updated, reset the mod again.

Make sure you have restarted the mod in factory reset TWICE. If you do not reset the mod after update, your mod may fail and cease to work.