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Rev is the revolutionary in the electronic cigarette industry, established in 2017. Rev proud to host one of the strongest R&D teams and some of the most advanced manufacturing facilities in the industry. While previously focussed on e-cigarette OEM and ODM, with some of the world’s largest tobacco brands, Rev’s mission is to bring e-cigarettes to a wider audience, to change the nature of how e-cigarettes are perceived and to bring the latest technology to bear on these new products to ultimately improve the lives of all our users.

At Rev we make it our goal to balance our creativity with the market's direction to guarantee the ideal outcome for the end user. Thanks to our large manufacturing facilities and our capable team we can successfully address demands in a timely fashion making our brand very competitive as well as a trendsetter itself!

This venom chipset is specially made for Rev products, and it is made with the best quality and with the most advanced technology.


Your mod can't read the resistance correctly, show "ohms too low" or "ohms too high", it may caused by these points:

  1. There's breakdown for the resistance detection component
  2. tank screws are not tight down to the mod
  3. Loose contact for the tank or mod
Suggestions & Solutions
  1. Identify the problem by switching the tank to other mods and fit the mods with other tanks.
    • If the mod works well with other tanks,it should be the problem of the tanks
    • Meanwhile it should be the problems of the mod thread part if the tanks works well with other mods.
  2. If it is the mod issue, please try to upgrade it if there is firmware updating.
  3. Please make sure screws are tight on tank, if you use the RBA coil on your mod
  4. Please screw the tank into the mod nice and tight.
Probal cause:
  1. Your mod is on the stealth mode
  2. The firmware got damaged with frequent operations of abnormal shutdown
  3. Screen is broken
Suggestions & Solutions
  1. Please check whether it is at the stealth mode firstly (When device is on, click fire button 3 times to enter the menu setting to turn the stealth mode off.)
  2. Please try to upgrade it if there is firmware updating for your mod.
  3. Please mind that while replacing the batteries,to power off the mod firstly by menu.

It really depends on individual usage, and how the battery is used. At full charge, a battery should last a full day’s worth of vaping. Rev mods contains an LED display indicating battery capacity and when it will need to be recharged.


Anyone who is of the legal smoking age in his or her respective state; typically at least 18 years old.

Your choices are plenty, depending on your region and your preferred source. Many online retailers, local shops, and distributors all over the world carry our brand as we primarily deal with large distributors and wholesalers. We provide virtual map for your reference retailers according based on your region. Kindly check on distrubutors menu Feel free not to limit yourself to our suggested sources and to inquire with your local shops as to Rev’s availability.


  • For convenience, please communicate with the seller to replace the goods within the warranty period firstly.
  • The China users can also contact with our warranty center to fix your warranty problems
    Rev Warranty Service
    Dongguan Triangle Tech Co.,LTD
    guan Triangle Tech Co.,LTD
    B32, Dongxing Industry Park
    Dongkeng Town, Dongguan City
    Guangdong Province, China
    Code : 523453
    Tel : 0769-89381190 Ext 8024
    Fax : 89391191gkeng Town, Dongguan City
    Guangdong Province, China
    Code : 523453
    Tel : 0769-89381190 Ext 8024
    please check the informations in our contact page
  • The user of other countries can only get replacement item from the seller. We authorized evey vape shop to service our users the warranty,while they refuse to replace a defective item under warranty ,please report them to us with email,shop name and telephone number.