REV Tech is a mods brand based in the United Kingdom. Our mods are developed using the very latest technology to ensure the best possible vaping experience. Our menu systems, screen, build quality and design are so unique. Every single detail is inspired by automotive and race spirit. As an e-cigarette brand, we offer three types of electronic cigarette product such as REV GTS, REV Nitro and REV Sport. We don't only manufacture and sell products, but we also seek to be active within the vape community.

Featuring an easy-to-access menu system, REV Tech presents all the vaping essentials as well as unique and cool features. We don't stop there, the mods by REV Tech will take you to a higher level of vape experience and give you a true vaping freedom. Simply drop a few of your preferred e-liquid flavors and choose the precise power output to determine the perfect taste with the ideal amount of vapor.

Advanced Technology

We always focus on electronic cigarette technology research & development, and closely working with brightest and best designers. That way enables us to craft your favourite mods with the most unique functions and style in the menu system, screen and design to deliver the ultimate vape experience to the hands of vapers worldwide anytime.


All of our mods are carefully crafted for REV Tech believe that design and quality isn't a mere word but also a symbol of commitment. To manufacture premium mods, we only incorporate the finest, most lightweight, and most durable material. Handcrafted, one at a time to ensure unparalelled quality for our vape friends.

Quality Manufacturing

Testing, proofing, improving. There are no easy ways to qualify a design, apart from a thorough and persistent use in all conditions. Our products are tested through times and several processes on the hands of experts because in a super fast innovative market requires expertise. Because REV Tech mods are made to last, we select the electronics and the right materials.